Merrimack Smiles


Merrimack Smiles reached out to us to help them with their overall marketing objectives. They wanted to make sure that they were doing everything that they could to promote themselves. They also hired a new dentist, who specialized in services that not many practices have.


We knew that the best way to tackle the answer to their question was to perform a marketing audit. The audit allowed us to understand all of their strengths, weaknesses and assess what opportunities they had as a company to grow their marketing strategy.


We sat down with the new owner and helped lay the foundation for the marketing efforts of the company. We conducted a marketing audit to see where the strengths of the company were and where there were opportunities to grow. We knew that it would be important to promote the new dentist’s services as an opportunity for the company to increase their patients.


After the marketing audit, we held a meeting to plan a strategy for the next 12 months. Our strategy included redesigning a website with a clear call to action, having a larger social media presence, improving their SEO ranking and sending monthly emails.


Although we are continuing to implement this plan, the company is already seeing a positive result from our marketing efforts. They are receiving new patients and current patients are expressing how nice it is to receive the email marketing tips.