Fisher Video Productions


We were contacted by the new owner of Fisher Video Productions to help him with his marketing efforts. The challenge he faced was that the company lacked strong brand awareness and was not receiving many sales.


The owner was handed the business where there was minimal brand awareness and no marketing strategy. We knew that this project would require us to review all aspects of their strategy, including website, logo and how the company promoted themselves.


We sat down with the new owner and helped lay the foundation for the marketing efforts of the company. We conducted a marketing audit to see where the strengths of the company were and where there were opportunities to grow.


We put together a strategy that outlined the goals for the company over 3, 6 9 and 12 months as well as 3 years and 5 years. As we worked towards each milestone set with the goals, we continued to re-evaluate to make sure that each expectation was being met. We designed the company a new logo, built a brand new website and knew that we needed to continue to manage the SEO so that they ranked high on Google Searches.


We are happy to say that Fisher Video Productions has increased sales by over 400% in 3 years, hired 4 new employees and established a brand name for themselves in the industry. They rank very high on organic searches on Google and continue to receive more followers on social media. Pearl Marketing continues to assist them as marketing advisors and campaign managers to their digital marketing efforts.