Political Candidate Chris Williams


Mayoral candidate Chris Williams contacted us to help him with the marketing for his election. The goal was to reach as many voters in Nashua and get them to vote during the election.


Mr. Williams ran against many individuals who have been affiliated in Nashua for a while and who all worked hard when they held positions in office. Mr. Williams had been president of the Chamber of Commerce for many years and he knew that he wanted to make a positive impact in Nashua.


The strategy we helped was to promote Mr. Williams and his accomplishments via social media and come up with a marketing strategy that would grow his followers. We also produced a music video to “Get out the Vote” on Election Day.


We produced the music video and helped him with his social media strategy.


Although Mr. Williams did not win the election, he was able to gain many new voters and promote himself as an individual who cares a lot about Nashua and his community.