City of Nashua, NH


The City of Nashua contacted us to discuss a pilot program for the Gate City Trolley. The goal of the project was to promote the parking garages, which are free on the weekends and are typically under utilized.


The Gate City Trolley was a brand new concept. Since the garages were under utilized, we needed to find a way to promote the free parking and gain ridership. We knew that the branding efforts for the trolley would be extremely important.


During our kickoff meetings, we sat down and presented a plan that would reach a large target audience and promote the trolley. We determined that offering Trolley tickets to patrons who boarded the Trolley at one of the parking garages would provide an incentive for ridership. The ticket provided discounts to participating restaurants as an incentive to eat, shop and live local. We also knew that filming a video and promoting it through social media would have a strong impact on the brand awareness.


We were able to implement a solid social media marketing campaign, pay per click advertising, design posters/mailers/garage maps, and produce a video for the city’s website.


The Gate City Trolley has seen an average of 100 people per night riding it. Many of the downtown restaurants that participated in this initiative have seen an increase of people cashing in the Trolley tickets for discounts at their establishment. If you visit downtown Nashua on a Friday or Saturday night, park at the one of the parking garages to be a part of this initiative. Make sure that you listen for the Trolley bell!